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A&E: Adam & Eddie

At work in Eddie's office at Walt Disney Studios

Edward "Eddie" Kitsis (left) and Adam Horowitz are American film and television writers and producers, best known for their work on the popular ABC drama series Lost and ABC fantasy series Once Upon a Time. They also co-wrote the script for the film Tron: Legacy in 2011, among other shared projects.

Their highly creative collaboration finds them writing and producing in each other's office at Walt Disney  Studios  in Burbank California. 

ONCE UPON A TIME & Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Building upon their relationship with ABC from Lost, Eddie and Adam are the co-creators of the fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time, which began airing on ABC October 23, 2011. They also co-created a spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, along with partner Zack Estrin and Once writer and consulting producer, Jane Espenson.

Wonderland, which began airing on ABC October 10, 2013, was pitched to ABC and ordered to series as a one off, with all story lines wrapped up by the 13th and final episode, which aired on April 3, 2014.  Original plans to air the series during the Winter hiatus of ONCE were changed to a premiere in the Thursday night "death slot." Wonderland didn't survive. Oncers were slow to embrace the series, and the ratings were weak and got weaker..

After Wonderland was canceled, Oncers soon flooded the Wonderland Facebook page with over a million likes, but it was too late to translate into a second season. 


Sometimes affectionately referred to as A&E, Adam and Eddie are alumni of the University of Wisconsin Madison, and met in their introduction to film class. Eddie graduated with a bachelor's degree in radio, television, and film in 1993, and Adam graduated with a BA in 1994, majoring in communication arts and political science.

Together they traveled to Los Angeles, where they initially worked as assistants and messengers until landing a job writing scripts for the remake of Fantasy Island. Island was cancelled after 13 episodes, but they went on to write for both Felicity and Popular, before joining Lost halfway into the first season.

LOST (2004-2010)

Adam and Eddie were welcomed onto the team of ABC's Lost halfway into the first season in 2005 as both writers and producers, with later promotions to executive producers. They remained with the series through the sixth and final season in 2010. This began a collaboration with ABC as writers, producers, and showrunners for both Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

As part of the "ABC-Lost family," Adam and Eddie have also tapped into some former Lost cast members for Wonderland, casting Lost alumni Naveen Andrews as Jafar, and Zuleikha Robinson as Amara.

TRIVIA about Adam

Adam loves baseball and is an avid New York Yankees fan. He also loves football, and is a fan of the New York Giants and Wisconsin Badgers. He roots for the Rangers for hockey.

Adam's Twitter profile pic shows him driving in his car, a sort of LA "in" joke. Adam handles the Twitter interface between the writers and showrunners and the Once fan base, a vocal and deeply invested group of prolific tweeters who are mostly women. Adam spends a lot of time fielding their tweets to him about their "ships," their feedback and their requests to show more of their favorite characters. He also squelches the rumor of the day (#nospoilers!). Lucky for Adam, he seems to have the patience of a saint (does Judaism have saints? Mazaltov!)

An LA in joke
  • Go Badgers!

  • Yankee Field

  • New York Giants

  • Frank Kaminsky powers the Wisconsin Badgers to sweet sixteen!

TRIVIA about Eddie

Edward Kitsis is the name that appears on all of Eddie's work. His nickname is Eddie, not Eddy.

Adam does all the up front stuff with fans, etc., while Eddie is a quiet powerhouse in the background. I assume this is why I haven't found a lot of trivia about Eddie.

I do know that he is a huge fan of the Beatles, and is directly inspired in his work by music and popular culture. He has an electric guitar in his office, so it seems an easy bet that he has played some rockin' guitar, and perhaps still does.

Like many in the Industry, both Eddie and Adam got their start working as personal assistants, a small flock of which are employed on all projects. PAs are a do anything, fancy gopher sort of employee. PA's work really hard. They also usually have a lot of fun.

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