Welcome to the original sexynaveen.com website

Thank you for visiting the original sexynaveen.com website. The full fansite was a smashing success, peaking at around 5,000 pageloads per month, and a total of well over 350,000 pageloads. Thank you to everyone who supported the full website over the years!



Do you remember in 2011 when sexynaveen.com started on this little, one-page Blogger site? Blogger isn't made for photos, and it drove me crazy trying to center and arrange them. It wasn't long before I signed up for a real photographers website—a special site designed for professional photographers to display and sell their own photos—and taught myself how to make a professional quality site for my rapidly growing collection. I named the new site sexynaveen.com, and bought a custom URL for it (thank you Kristina for help with the awesome name!)

We've come full circle, and here we are back on this sweet little page. After many years of dedicated service, it is time for me to let the sexynaveen.com website go. I am disabled and on a limited income, and it has become very difficult to pay for a professional photographers site for hosting 10,000+ photos of the boy! The fact that the site is all photos, and none of them belong to me, made monetizing the site impossible.

How did I get so many photos!? I built up 70+ galleries covering Naveen's extensive career, including thousands of caps and edits, as well as his many promotional photoshoots and appearances, photos of him as a young man, etc. Multiply 70+ galleries with a rough average of 100-200 photos per gallery = 10,000+ photos. Add to this my large, private collection of family and paparazzi photos, which I have rarely displayed. That's a lot of lusciousness.

I wish it was possible to pass the sexynaveen.com website on to another fan. I built sexynaveen.com up over several years, teaching myself the significant number of complex graphics and website creation and maintenance skills that are required for such a highly technical website, a fact that is prohibitive for passing it on. The monetary costs involved are also high.


In recent years, I very rarely see any photos of Naveen that I hadn't already collected and uploaded to sexynaveen.com, with the exception of caps uploaded by others. And I very rarely see a photo of Naveen where I do not instantly know when and where it was taken. 

I have taken a lot of pride in the amount of time I put in to keep current with Naveen's career. Every day the hunt was on as I spent many a blissful hour sleuthing every corner of the internet for new photos to post on Facebook and sexynaveen.com. Little did I know there would come a time when I had found them all! I did have fun finding all the photos for his subsequent projects. And it was fun learning how to make the thousands of edits and caps I created for all of us O.G. Naveen fans' enjoyment.

Long term fans remember the "goody of the day," and the "bonus goody" that appeared on Facebook every day without fail. Everyone knew that every movie, and every episode of Naveen's projects, would mean a large selection of caps were to appear soon. It was exciting! I was thrilled to attract and serve hundreds of faithful followers, and had to pinch myself when we made our first 1,000. As time went on, we steadily built the page up to where we were approaching 2,000 followers.


As we approached 2,000 followers, and after seven plus years on my own, it was time for me to bring some new admins on board to share in the excitement of admining the Facebook page. I was so excited to share something so wonderful!

It is very hard for me to no longer be welcome there, and to be unable to post and comment on my own page. It has been especially difficult to lose the opportunity to pass my years of extensive knowledge on to the next generation of Naveen's fans.

I realize most people have no interest in the details of the drama that took place. I refer to it here only briefly. I have posted my comments on what happened in a separate post, below.

Where did I go wrong? I made someone I didn't really know a full admin, which gave her the power to de-admin me, which she did almost immediately. As a person with autism, who has experienced a great deal of vicious bullying as a child and also as an adult, I was completely unprepared for the treatment I received and the level of pain that went with what happened.

No matter the details, there is nothing I did or didn't do that made me deserve for one moment immediately de-admining and blocking me from my own page within minutes of my immediate and complete good faith efforts to work through a simple misunderstanding. The person who did the sudden de-admining is the one who separated me from the page, not the other way around. She simply could not collaborate, and did what she had to do to have total control of the page.

Today I am very glad that the page continues my extensive legacy, and continues to thrive with the participation of so many of Naveen's dedicated fans. After the withdrawal of the former head admin, the other admins have stepped back in and are doing an excellent job! It is still sad to be separated from my thousands of loving posts, not to mention being unable to continue to serve Naveen's fans and pass on my knowledge, but I am so happy to say that my legacy has been preserved. It has been my greatest hope to somehow keep the page active and growing, without a black cloud hanging over it from what happened.

My wonderful page continues to serve thousands of Naveen's fans. His many wonderful fans truly deserve nothing less.


When asked about it in a recent interview, Naveen said that although he doesn't have social media, he is grateful for his fans' online presence. I know that Naveen has appreciated that a fan created a very active Facebook page and an extensive fansite about him and his career.

It is highly unlikely that Naveen has remained unaware of sexynaveen.com, (surely one of the best fansites on the internet for several years now), and the Facebook page, as his sons (and co-workers/other actors) are sure to have pointed these out to him⁠ more than once—and no doubt razzed him about his "sexy" fansite. No doubt his agent has visited from time to time, and Naveen's brother has also commented on the Facebook page.


I will always love Naveen, and his very special fans. I am so lucky to have curated his amazing career for so long. I have never asked anything in return; no contact made, no letters written, or photos for autographing sent. It has given me a lot of pleasure to offer my unique form of service entirely as a gift for Naveen, who keeps his life private, providing a normal upbringing for his boys.

That said, I do want to say, thank you Naveen for being my muse and my inspiration all these years. I love you. Your beauty, and your honest, generous spirit makes you so very far beyond deserving of my heartfelt gifts to you and your fans.

God bless you and your sweet little family. I offer my very best wishes to you, and to all of your fans.

With love,

aka sexynaveen.com