Naveen's style -

UK Premiere of Diana 2013

Chrome Hearts is an American luxury brand, founded in 1988 by motorcycle enthusiast Richard Stark, specializing in high-end .925 silver, 22k yellow gold and 18k white gold jewelry with gothic, biker and punk rock motifs.

I am pretty sure that Naveen is friends with Richard Stark, likely through their mutual friends in the punk rock scene in the UK.

Chrome Hearts designs are well known for fleur-de-lys, dagger and floral cross designs, and also include leather and logo attire. Chrome Hearts boutiques also sell luxury watches with one-of-a-kind Chrome Hearts bracelets in place of the stock band or strap.

  • Chrome Hearts spacer ring on the red carpet for Diana


  • Naveen's has gold on one side

  • Chrome Hearts floral cross earring

Chrome Hearts rings in many former photos of Naveen

The ring Naveen wears on his left hand is a Chrome Hearts dagger ring, similar to his dagger bracelet.

5/5/16 UPDATE: Naveen quit wearing the large silver ring on his right hand.

I wonder if the striking ring on Naveen's right hand, worn on his middle finger, is a custom design from Chrome Hearts. It is particularly stunning, with a high profile, and intricate, scroll like abstract designs around the entire ring. It is obviously made from sterling silver, as are all CH silver items.

Naveen  began wearing a single Chrome Hearts cross "spacer" ring for the London premiere of Diana on 9/5/2013, where he graciously added a few moments of promotional CH product placement to his stay on the red carpet. My guess is that Naveen is friends with Chrome Hearts owner and founder, Richard Stark, likely through their mutual friends in the UK punk rock scene.

CHROME HEARTS logo tees are Naveen's favorite choice to show off his sexy arms and shoulders in the mild Los Angeles weather.


LONG BLUE, AND LONG BLACK COATS ~ The Directors Guild Awards (DGA) coat seems to be a black version of the Most Beautiful People dark blue coat, one of Naveen's most beautiful and elegant items of clothing.

LONG BLUE SUEDE COAT ~ Naveen seems to particularly like the blue suede long coat, and sometimes wears it with funky floppy hats.

BLACK LEATHER PANTS ~ The black leather pants Naveen wore to the premiere of Grindhouse: Planet Terror are a shoe in for Chrome Hearts, with the fleur-de-lys style insets at the knees. He also wore these pants for some of the Most Beautiful People photoshoot.

BLACK COAT ~ The "beach" coat's unconstructed cuffs and lapels also remind me of QH style.

  • Long black coat ~ DGA awards Paley Center NYC

  • Long blue suede coat ~ premiere of Planet Terror

  • CH black leather pants

  • Another CH leather coat?

  • CH(?) leather coat on Santa Monica Beach (near his home)

  • 6/18/2014 San Francisco for filming on Sense8 ~ CH coat?

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