GBK gifting suite -


Naveen was invited to attend day one of the 2011 Golden Globes GBK gifting event on January 14th 2011.

He received a "manly mani" to tidy up his guitar player fingernails, a beautiful, genuine pearl necklace by Misaki of Monte Carlo, a mini-sculpture of tiny magnets for Josh, and a nice limo ride home.

Naveen was photographed holding a painting of an owl (to be auctioned for charity?) Maybe Naveen brought an extra pair of sunglasses to donate for the charity table?? I see a pair of aviators there, his favorite.

Naveen and his buddy Terry O'Quinn also stopped by the St Bernard Project charity booth (did your friends at Chrome Hearts make those fleur-de-lys dog tags, Naveen? The Crescent City thanks you).

SWEET & SEXY VIDEO (Naveen starts at 1:24) ~  Young Hollywood (video removed, darn!)

A FEW MOMENTS WITH NAVEEN (from 1:40-1:54) ~ Misaka Monte Carlo

Young Hollywood video with Naveen starts at 1:24

Misaki video with Naveen from 1:40-1:54

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