Istanbul -


14 Jun 2010

This is a very special photograph

Naveen was photographed and interviewed in Istanbul, Turkey on June 14, 2010. He was also photographed with Daniel Dae Kim, Shemar Moore and Ben McKenzie.

Some of these images were posted by Ab-ı hayat to her blog on 7/25/2010, along with a written interview in Hungarian

This video interview is translated to Hungarian while Naveen is speaking, which makes it challenging to hear what he is saying. I think this may be the interview where Naveen stepped on a live one by referring to Istanbul as Constantinople. It's has been a really really long time since it was called Constantinople, and for some reasons that are unclear to me, Hungarians take offense at this incorrect terminology, even though Naveen was talking about his interest in the region historically.

Another written interview, which (after translation to English) referred to the city naming incident above, and included some brief thoughts from Naveen about world cup football (soccer).

I think these guys might have been doing a promotion for a new HD satellite channel in Europe?? Something like that.

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